Homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance secures your home, its contents, and, indirectly, your other assets in the event of fires, theft, accidents or other disasters. Axis Capital, a group of companies based in Bermuda with 29 branches worldwide, provides customized insurance coverage –i.e. property insurance.


A standard homeowner’s policy (known as an HO-3 policy) will secure you from things like fires and fallen trees. Warning! You may notice that we didn’t indicate floods or earthquakes—those events are especially not covered by a standard policy and necessitate additional coverage. Homeowners in some areas of the country may be obliged by their mortgage company to convey these kinds of policies.


A standard policy may as well protect your possessions from the mentioned disasters and also theft. However a standard policy is not a blank check: there’s a boundary to how much you’ll be compensated. You can pay a little extra each year to insure them for their full replacement value if you have specific items of value, like jewelry or artwork.



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At the moment, he might sue you for his medical expenses if somebody is on your property and slips and falls and sprains his ankle. Homeowners insurance  covers your liabilities in this situation too. And comparable to the examples stated above, you can pay more for extra coverage. Homeowners insurance isn’t mandatory by law, like auto insurance. But mortgage companies generally oblige you to attain a policy before they’ll give you a loan.


Your home-insurance policy must cover sufficient to completely reconstruct and furnish your home were it wiped off the map. Request a home builder to walk through your home and provide you an approximation of what it would take to rebuild; that amount should be the foundation for how much replacement coverage you’ll need. Be definite to point out any unique and/or costly details that would add to the replacement cost.


No matter where on earth you live in, such as KL Malaysia, Beijing China, Singapore or Jakarta Indonesia of SE Asia or in any State in the US, your home must always be insured.